A garden catchup — planting has begun!

The past few weeks have mostly been about maintenance rather than anything else but growing season was coming soon. I’ve been taking various photos and videos along the way but rather than link them all I’ll just point you to my YouTube channel and my Flickr set for the moment.

The big change was this past weekend, however, with the actual planting taking place. My most recent video was taken a few days later, and has me explaining what’s been planted where:

So at this point forward it’ll be about the usual care and maintenance, and the hopes that things will take — we’ve got a good garden visit schedule worked out and there’s some rain due this weekend as well, so it’ll all continue from there!

The garden on January 21, 2011

And yep, time for a new year! We are essentially in maintenance mode right now more than anything else, but now is a good time to do that:

Meanwhile, some photos from the new Flickr set:

Beds in transition

Sunset comes to the garden area

Ah, weeding

The garden on December 10, 2010

A little late, obviously, but just getting this out there for now! A brief but fun visit as we got ready for winter planting:

And just two photos this time, but great ones:

Sunset at the garden

Bird and the moon

The garden on November 26, 2010

No photos but some video! The big cleanup and prep for winter planting was done so there’s actually not much to see — but it does look ready to go now!

The garden on Oct. 10, 2010

A rare (for me) Sunday visit but occasioned by a group event, as mentioned in the video:

The event being the laying down of a boundary of mulch on top of pinned-down fabric, to provide an extra little barrier against weeds and, hopefully, burrowing critters — here’s part of what we all did:

Mulch barrier

Overall half the garden area is now covered by this, the remaining half to hopefully be done this Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, as ever, some new photos:



Roses and a new moon

The garden on October 1, 2010

Into a new month, into another update:

Plus more photos:




The garden on Sept. 24, 2010

Another late entry here but as mentioned in my previous post, very busy week, this. Anyway:

And as ever, some new photos:

A rose

Molokhiya and shiso


The garden on Sept. 17, 2010

Backtracking a little here — busy times mean more distractions!

And of course more photos:

A rose is...


A tiny tiny snail...

The garden on August 27, 2010

Backtracking a little but I realized I forgot to put this up! Photos are in the usual spot and here’s the video:

Will be heading out later today for San Francisco and the On Land Festival so I just wanted to get this up while I could — no garden for me this week of course but next week I’ll be back!

The garden on August 20, 2010

And back to the garden we go — or at least I go. Another lovely Friday afternoon:

Plus, of course, more photos:




Malabar spinach


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