Scraping a barrel (and other archival joys at Stylus)

Busy day! So in brief, another link to some more of my own personal archives, in this case over at Stylus. The majority of them have been for an irregular column I started and was the most regular contributor for, Scraping the Barrel. As I explained in the first entry:

Welcome to the first installation of Scraping The Barrel. The principle is a simple one—the press/promo release barrel at any particular point is scraped by the Stylus bods for stuff they have otherwise ignored and sent to a victim for treatment. In my case I am a willing victim, since I sort of came up with the idea. I come in with no preconceptions per se, in fact I’m always up for finding a diamond in the rough. But if something deserves my contempt, it will get it. I am not here to be anyone’s friend.

With that I was off. Of all the columns I’ve done, there’s almost always been at least one just plain spectacularly bad example of why everyone CAN’T be a singer or a musician. (In my case, at least, I know I can’t be — one 1990-era song with college roommates featuring me on vocals called “Sid and Syd” aside. No, there is no tape of it. I hope.) My favorite, ever, as I talked about in this column, was this entity — one Trevor Justice:

Trevor Justice, man without shame. Or sense.

Listen to “Who Will Rescue the Earth and Sky”…if you dare.

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