…and it burns still.

There’s really little to add, but this whole thing is inescapable. The air quality outside says it all — when I’m at work and standing on the bridge between the campus and the nearby mall/marketplace, one can normally see a good ways over to the mountains and up north into OC even on a smoggy day. But it’s thick fog level right now, and it’s not fog. I could semi-see Turtle Rock on the one hand, some buildings near Jamboree on the other, and those are both walking distance (at least if you’re me, who likes to walk).

This map shows how it’s starting to burn towards the north more quickly, and unless things change rapidly it’ll cross the county line by the end of the day. When everything finally clears the hillsides will be little but a black mess, and will remain that way for a while to come.

I’m still getting questions about if I’m okay, if the campus is okay, etc. — trust me, all’s good! The fire threatens nothing around here directly, beyond this horrible air. But right now my plan tonight is a simple one — get home, close the windows, vacuum and scrub up and then pretty much hibernate for the weekend. I’d wanted to ease down anyway, catch up on reading and listening, try some cooking, meditate more on NaNoWriMo, so in ways this is the perfect excuse to do so. Being out and about just isn’t worth it.


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