To all my friends, and to all of yours

Been talking with a variety of people lately and being reminded once again how complex life is, and how varied. That may sound obvious, but at any one time folks may be feeling everything from complete euphoria to the lowest of lows — a range I’ve had my experience in over the years. It’s been a full week on that front, and I’ve been reminded once again how it good it is to have people to talk to, to be frank with, and who keep your trust as you keep theirs. Just now, meanwhile, a couple of friends just sent around photos of their new baby Sophia, which has made me smile with a silly grin, because why not?

It can be a tough time of year in a way — for all the holidays and all the joys, it’s also a time of pressure and sometimes the pressures can build on yourself if you’re not careful, or feel like there’s no other way to do things. But friends are there for you if that’s the case, friends, family, everyone, even generous strangers who have had their experiences who will be happy to give an ear or share advice. Ultimately, simply put, you are not alone — none of us are.

About once a year I seem to post something like this — a message of gratitude and thanks to you all, whether I’ve known you for years or just a short while, because I learn and value so much from you all, and because you’ve all been very kind in a myriad of ways I can’t easily describe. I thank you all again, and know that you’re there for me as needed — and I hope I am for you as well. I do my best, and I know that you all have your many friends who are there for you in turn. It never hurts to thank them as well — and I am glad they are there for you, very glad.

Hope everyone is well. Tonight is a friend’s birthday party and it should be a great treat. If you’re not busy this evening yourself, call up and chat with your friends, drop them some lines, ask to speak frankly about things if you feel you need to, be an ear for them in turn, and get a chance to get some of the stress and concern from the day and the time out of your head and heart if you need it. You’ll be surprised at how much it means all around, and how much people value you for you. You wouldn’t have those friends in the first place if they didn’t, after all. 🙂


One Response to “To all my friends, and to all of yours”

  1. Kate Says:

    After a hard week, this was just what I needed. Many thanks.

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