There will be an end of year post tomorrow

I will see to it. And it will be…well, not that monumental per se, it’ll be more about the last couple of days. But right now all I have to say is that I’ve put something like 750 CDRs into proper CaseLogic storage cases.

And yeeps, I’m tired.

(Among my resolutions — about time for that external hard drive…)

One last OC Weekly review for 2007

Published two days’ back — my take on Tusk’s The Resisting Dreamer. Great record, and one last confirmation that this was indeed a fine year in music (which it was artistically — economically, the writing is ever more on the wall, I think).

Christmas in photos

Or at least some:

San Francisco on Christmas Eve morning

Merry merry

A Christmas walk on the beach

My dream home

More photos here and here.

The woozy part of a break

That’s kinda how I feel right about now! I’m back from up north after a wonderful time with my sis and folks — great holiday all around — and I don’t have to go back to work until next Wednesday — but my sleep schedule is (entertainingly) discombobulated and I’m still trying to process a whole bunch of things and year-end stuff. Which now includes the death of Benazir Bhutto, about which more when I feel more up for it (there’s already been a lot of nonsense said — it’s interesting watching the hackles rise between people over in NROville — while Christopher Hitchens’ rightfully ambivalent remembrance probably serves as the best English-language snap judgment so far).

But yes, a very woozy time, and I also feel I’ve been a bit slack on detailed thoughts about recent books and movies and music and so forth, so there’s a bit of a resolution coming on about those! That might have to wait until the new year, appropriately, but it’ll happen.

A movie review in brief

Namely, Walk Hard. Great? No. Good funny dumb humor? Yes, exactly, and on that level a perfect success. Someone on ILX openly wondered whether or not Judd Apatow was essentially going to cast the same people in his movies over and over again and that’s probably accurate. But John C. Reilly assayed the role with the appropriate gusto and his singing voice is pretty damn sharp. Tanked at the box office over the weekend, though — pity, Reilly deserves better. Hopefully the next film, whatever it is. (And getting Jackson Browne, Jewel, Lyle Lovett and Ghostface on the same stage together, in a way, was pretty WTF — but not so much as Jack White’s bizarro Elvis…though imagine if they had got Bruce Campbell in for that.)

Anyway, my sis loved it, my dad enjoyed it, I loved it and my mom avoided it. About what I would have guessed!

Merry merry

And hope yours is a good one, if you celebrate, and just plain relaxed if you don’t. (In my case, I aim for good AND relaxed.)

And a quick Tim F. update

Word has been passed along from his family that the surgery’s gone well, the tumor had not spread and that things are looking very positive indeed. Now there’s a Christmas present! We’ll all see where it goes from here.