EMP 2008 Pop Conference notices are going out…

…hope you got accepted, if you applied! I didn’t, alas, but no worries — much as I would like to one of these days, just going there is a treat in its own right, and god knows it’s busy and full of deep thoughts enough to get my mind in overdrive just by listening.

For those who’ve not heard about the conference, here’s the score; if it’ll be your first time in Seattle, let the Metro Online site be your friend when it comes to transit. (I always take the bus in from and out to the airport anyway.)

So if you’re near USC on Jan. 22nd, I’ll be speaking there

As you can read here:

Ready, set, reinterpret! All pop music, past and present, is fair game on this night of live, rapid-fire music criticism as the members of a distinguished panel of writers, musicians and scholars have five minutes each to persuade the audience to reconsider a series of pop tracks — and find in them hitherto undiscovered pleasures. This high-spirited confab celebrates the publication of Listen Again: A Momentary History of Pop Music, a collection of writings drawn from the Experience Music Project Pop Conference. Panelists include Ann Powers (Los Angeles Times), R.J. Smith (Los Angeles magazine), Oliver Wang (Soul-sides.com, CSU-Long Beach) and Ernest Hardy (L.A. Weekly), among others.

Full list of speakers:
Christine Bacareza Balance (UC Riverside)
Alice Echols (USC)
Robert Fink (UCLA)
Oscar Garza (Ciudad magazine)
Judith Halberstam (USC)
Ernest Hardy (LA Weekly)
Rod Hernandez (Cal State-Dominguez Hills)
Josh Kun (USC)
Anthony Miller (Los Angeles CityBeat)
Neal Pollack (alternadad.com)
Ann Powers (Los Angeles Times)
Ned Raggett (ILM-ILX website)
Randall Roberts (LA Weekly)
Janet Sarbanes (Cal Arts)
RJ Smith (Los Angeles magazine)
Karen Tongson (USC)
Elijah Wald (UCLA)
Oliver Wang (Cal State-Long Beach, Soulsides blog)
Eric Weisbard (editor, Listen Again)

Should be fun. 🙂 The song I will be presenting on is the one I’ve been trying to talk about one way or another for some months, VNV Nation’s “The Farthest Star,” which you can hear via their Myspace page.

Hope you can make it!