I could talk about…

political scandals.

the torching of an embassy.


But, instead — and I regret not actually saying more about this in detail, but I’m feeling a bit frazzled and out of sorts — I direct you to the passing of a young man who was a victim of a great injustice here in Orange County not long ago, a case which I followed quite closely at the time.

Read Arthur Carmona’s words from last year here. An initial report on news of his passing is here, with links to earlier stories and discussions; a fuller one has just gone up.

He would have been the first to say he was not a plaster saint, and it does his memory no disfavor to note that. But let this from the end of a blog post elsewhere about this serve as a memory:

His family told reporters that Arthur had turned his life around finally. “When he got out of jail, he went through a lot of ups and downs,” his mother said, but “he had found purpose and he was finally moving on.” His uncle told reporters “He was doing very well. He was a joyful, outgoing kind of guy. He was always happy and had lots of friends.”

Let this serve as a reminder to all of us that despite the national races and international conflicts (and the general trashy news of life) that there are important — and cruel — things that happen in our own backyards. We should not be blind to them.

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