My feature story on the Helio Sequence is up

Read on — good interview, Brandon S. was a very thoughtful and well-spoken feller:

Brandon Summers, singer/multi-instrumentalist for the Helio Sequence, has a talent not always shared in rock & roll—sounding in speech like his band’s music. In conversation, he moves easily from quick, rapid-fire discussion to thoughtful contemplation, but he always sounds engaged and active, aiming to energize—earnest, but far from off-putting. He matches the range of his band’s music well, which makes sense, as he feels variety defines his aesthetic.

“We’ve been up against a fair amount of people who want to think of us as only one thing: ‘Oh, an electronic band.’ ‘Oh, they’re shoegaze.’ ‘Oh, they’re a British-sounding band.’ ‘Oh, they’re folk.’ It was always really confusing to us, since the only thing we’ve ever done is aim to have an eclectic flavor to our music.”

Check ’em out, they’re a good sort.


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