Feeling frazzled with February’s finale

Fuh. Or something. Not that I’m complaining but this time of year always gets me a little rundown — basically, having made it through another winter (and you have NO idea how much the idea of living in places with actual winters and even shorter days gives me the creeping horrors, based on the three years I did that — how folks deal with it without snapping I just don’t know, but I guess I should be glad Western civilization made their way through it over thousands of years), I’m just antsy for this month to end, Daylight Savings Time to begin, the weather to start warming up (I’ve loved all the rain we’ve had this winter, but time to call time) and other good things to start happening.

(And, selfishly, I want my birthday to get here. Hey, I’m honest.)

So maybe more today about other things but for the moment I’m content to put my head down and listen to the Goslings. Which you should too.)


One Response to “Feeling frazzled with February’s finale”

  1. Eve Says:

    Aw, poor thing, has winter been too tough for you? Why don’t you give 8 inches of snow in the biggest city a try?

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