Dream magazine issue eight is out (and I’ve got a story in it)

Just passing on the word from George Parsons, Dream’s editor, who made the announcement tonight — my piece is an interview with the great guitarist (and great guy) Ilyas Ahmed, done last spring in the run-up to the Bottling Smoke festival. The issue includes a CD with a piece of his on it, for further goodness.

George’s announcement follows, including ordering information:

The eighth issue of Dream Magazine is finally here.

Issue eight has longtime contributor Mats Gustafsson (late of The
Broken Face) doing his inimitable interviewing journalistic thing on
Los Angeles brotherly duo Antique Brothers, and New Zealand’s
singular Rory Storm. Ned Raggett talked to guitar genius Ilyas Ahmed.
Steve Sawada interviewed Portland, Oregon’s Plants. Brian Faulkner
talked to Tom and Christina of the Charalambides, Mark Dagley chatted
with Natalie Rose LeBrecht aka Greenpot Bluepot. I interviewed: The
very wonderful Damon & Naomi, tripped-out vocal adventurer Dredd
Foole, great guitarist Sir Richard Bishop of the late lamented Sun
City Girls, legendary Japanese guitarist Michio Kurihara with
translation by Alan Cummings, the deeply beguiling husband and wife
acid folk duo Arborea, American singer songwriter Stephen Yerkey of
the late great Nonfiction, Argentinian sonic explorer Anla Courtis
late of Reynols, the great Swedish psychedelic band The Spacious
Mind, the unique and brilliant British composer and vocalist Johnny
Parry, I talked to Myc James lead vocalist of Nevada City band of
yore Absalom, psychedelic home-recording Brit madman Reefus Moons,
singer songwriter Lys Guillorn, ambient masters Stars of the Lid,
Sacramento Valley’s own psych-pop wizard Anton Barbeau, and the truly
wonderful The Handsome Family. We also feature artwork by the
stalwart Peter Blegvad, the charming Andrew Goldfarb, and myself.

We recieved exceptional pieces for this issue’s complimentary CD
from: Arborea, Rory Storm, Anton Barbeau, the Slow Poisoner, Natalie
Rose LeBrecht, Rory Storm, Lys Guillorn, Reefus Moons, Absalom, Anla
Courtis, Antique Brothers, M. Jarvis / A. Jarvis, Powell St. John,
The Spacious Mind, and Ilyas Ahmed.

112 pages perfectbound
$12 postpaid in the United States.
Payable to George Parsons.

George Parsons
Dream Magazine
P.O. Box 2027
Nevada City, CA




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