A rare moment of composure from last night

So, the big secret I’ve been maintaining most of the past few weeks has involved the huge birthday party for my good friend Stripey, which I plotted along with a couple of other friends, along with Stripey’s sis and mom. This is at her sister’s house, that’s the big spread for the dinner guests, mostly courtesy of the geniuses at the Avanti Cafe, and this photo was taken when her sister insisted there had to be at least one photo with me in it.

The whole night was a blast — the surprise held through right when she got in the door — and the mix of friends and family and more made it a treasure of an evening, as did all the gifts and goodwill and more besides. Wonderful times and I can’t give enough credit to everyone who was part of it. Thanks to everyone.

(And to top it all off, as Stripey told everyone, it was a perfect day in general because: it was a Friday, it was a Leap Day (her real birthday — so officially she’s only ten), and she just got offered a new job she had really been pulling for. Couldn’t be better! May she have many more such great days in the future!)


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