Thursdays = busy confusion

Or so it’s seemed to me plenty of times. Quite a full day at work — no complaints, but there’s been everything from building-evacuating fire alarms to last minute reserves nuttiness and more besides. In brief:

  • Noel Mostert’s The Line Upon a Wind is a good overview of the naval wars during the Napoleonic era, with particular emphasis on the British and American navies but less so on the French. A lot of familiar stories and situations but described engagingly; recommended for anyone wanting an in-depth but still popular audience-oriented history of the times and the navies in question. Will be published here in the US in June.
  • Another day of the political wrangling among the Democrats makes me think further that people all need to chill….everywhere.
  • All Bobb Trimble fans — and I know you’re out there — should check out the work of Strangefire. Very good duo, and they have the blend of Trimble’s kind of spacey float with tempered anger down solid.
  • Otherwise more later after trying some new recipes.


Yet more AMG reviews? But of course

A new batch: