Busy day, so check out these stories instead…

It happens. End of the quarter means that there’ll be more busy days like this one. So some links:

  • It really needs to be bigger news than it is, but Adm. William Fallon is resigning as overall US military commander in the Middle East, or as it is rather euphemistically known ‘Central Command.’ As the story notes, the appearance of this Esquire profile could have more than a little to do with it. More thoughts from me tomorrow on this one, hopefully.
  • Agony Booth tackles Battlefield Earth — a rich vein of a movie. To quote a part near the beginning:

    Way back when Travolta originally wanted to make this movie, circa the late ’70s timeframe, he wanted to play the role of the hero, Jonnie “Goodboy” Tyler. But as he got older (and pudgier), it quickly became apparent that wouldn’t happen. By the time he managed to garner the popularity and goodwill required to realize his dream (i.e., right after the success of Pulp Fiction), he was forced to set his sights a little lower. Ultimately, he ended up playing the villain, Terl. And, in some respects, he does an excellent job. By the end of the movie, the viewer is filled with red-hot, seething hatred towards the character, although it could perhaps be for all the wrong reasons.

  • John at Balloon Juice’s mom adds the only other thing that needs to be said about that there New York governor and his wacky ways, specifically re: price tags:

    He was obviously paying too much. What can you possibly do for $5,000 an hour? Surgery. Life-saving surgery performed on me is worth $5,000 an hour.

  • Iggy and various Stooges cover “Ray of Light.” I am neither outraged nor thrilled by this. If anything it makes me realize that demystifying anything is wonderfully easy these days with YouTube (and I’m happy with that).
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