Busy? Oh, a tad…

Finals week is always good for filling my mind with many other things than I normally would deal with — but it’s all part of the job: hiring new students, planning for the next quarter, catching up on a variety of things to ensure a smooth transition and so forth. I don’t mind it all, because I always look at it as a chance to improve what’s already there, to smooth it out more fully for next time around. (And I’ve already got a few ideas in place — the trick is never to rest on your laurels but ask yourself what can be done better and more quickly.)

So maybe some more thoughts tonight — in fact, definitely more thoughts, as I’ll be linking to some recent AMG work — but for now, I’m not too proud to say that this is the headline of the year. Others have been more overt in their puns and the like, but it’s the flatness here that counts.


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