A brief iPhone amusement

So two weeks into owning one — and it is a treat and all — and I’m amused to see this article over in the LA Times about “the risk for iPhone users: they know too much,” complete with lame illustrative photo.

Now on the one hand I can see why people get annoyed in situations like this:

Backstage recently in a Little Rock, Ark., theater, actress Natalie Canerday said the cast of a play was enjoying debating the year Bruce Springsteen’s album “Born to Run” was released. Then the director took out his iPhone. All conversation stopped as he sought the answer: 1975, according to Wikipedia.

“Everyone said, ‘Oh,’ ” Canerday recalled. It was another awkward iPhone moment.

(Admittedly my problem would have been the fact that they were discussing that album to start with, but set that aside.)

However, this I don’t get:

Daniel Bernstein had one when he arranged to meet friends at a bowling alley in Daly City, near San Francisco. The lanes were booked. Bernstein used his iPhone to locate another bowling alley 10 miles away, find out how long the wait for a lane was and get driving directions.

Bernstein, director of business development at an Internet company, said his friends seemed more irked than appreciative. “They said, ‘Thank you, iPhone,’ ” and not very nicely.

I get this image that Bernstein’s friends would have much preferred sitting around complaining about the slow bowlers on the one lane they desperately wish would have been freed up. Which, I should say, I can understand as an impulse, but if you’re wanting to go do something, just go do it!

Which is why I’m out the door for a good chunk of the day. Have a great Saturday!


3 Responses to “A brief iPhone amusement”

  1. Jake Says:

    I’m imagining a scenario in the future in which drunk people at a party want to know who the singer was on “Easy Lover” who was not Phil Collins, and they end up looking it up on someone’s Iphone instead of calling a certain Internet celebrity. How unexciting!

  2. nariposa Says:

    LMFAO @ poster above me mentioning Phil Collins; I used my iPhone to lookup just that artist when I was waiting in the front pew at the Jandek concert. None of us on the row could figure out which piano ballad was currently playing.

    I think this is a silly article, but I will say one thing: iPhones and other mobile devices can incite a holy war at an actual trivia pub night.

  3. Ned Raggett Says:

    Jake, you do have a point. But surely there can always be situations where all are too drunk to even properly search online, therefore necessitating that call to the celebrity…whoever that famed character might be.

    😀 at piano ballad story from Nari. So what was it? As for holy wars, thou shalt have no other trivia geek but me. (That was the eleventh commandment I think.)

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