And the best thing about Easter if you’re me

All the candy’s cheap tomorrow.

Hope everyone’s been having a good day — this weekend has been rest, recuperation and more, god knows I’ve needed it. It’s beautiful outside and I’m looking forward to either trying out an old recipe I like or else trying a new one for the hell of it — we’ll see how I feel — but either way it’ll make a great dinner. Spring’s here and my mood is already well on the up.

More books, music, politics and more to talk and think about soon, trust me — including a couple of fine purchases I snagged for free yesterday at Amoeba…


2 Responses to “And the best thing about Easter if you’re me”

  1. Kate Says:

    When I worked at CVS in high school, our Easter candy went automatically on sale the minute the store closed on Holy Saturday. And since we did employee purchases right after the store closed….well, I did my fair share of last minute shopping.

    Hope you had a nice holiday; mine was not as good as it could be (and you might have an idea as to why) but it wasn’t 100 percent horrible.

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    A nice advantage, that working benefit. 😀

    And mine was well, very low key. Here’s hoping the next one is better for you!

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