Meanwhile, for all you Bauhaus/Love and Rockets fans…

David J’s best of LA. You know, I’m still annoyed I’ve never seen him do one of his solo sets. I need to fix that. (One of my greatest concert regrets: missing a small show at the Roxy or Whisky back in 1992. Opening act? PJ Harvey. You KNOW that ruled.) Much as I love the work of all four members of Bauhaus, collectively or individually, David’s work has always seemed the most underrated seemingly by intent, a deceptive downplaying of flash in favor of his calmly artistic presentation of style and self. I strongly suggest checking out his homepage, where among other things he’s started to stream a variety of rarities and experiments; meanwhile, his latest project, a musical based on the life of Edie Sedgwick called Silver for Gold, has just finished an initial LA run with plans to go off-Broadway in the future.

Nothing more much than this to say in this post, so as a bonus, the fun video for his almost solo hit back in 1990 “I’ll Be Your Chauffeur.” There’s something sweetly breezy about the visuals here, matching the enjoyable song equally well. The album it’s from, Songs From Another Season, is one of those understated delights that I forget how much I enjoy until I give it another listen. (You can find my AMG mutterings from some years back here.)

Anyway, the video:


2 Responses to “Meanwhile, for all you Bauhaus/Love and Rockets fans…”

  1. Eve Says:

    So are you going to the special event in LA on March 29th?

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    A bit hard, alas, seeing as I’ll be out of town.

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