A quick metal observation for a Sunday morning

So last night my sis, her boyfriend Tyler, their friend Dina and I all went out to Annie’s Social Club to see some bands; the irrepressible Chaki was there along with friends and bandmates of his so that made it even better.

Tyler had specifically wanted to see the band Indian, who ended up being first on the bill when a German band scheduled to open didn’t make it. And they were…good, a bit trancey without being drone (and I mean trance as in an actual trance rather than Paul Oakenfold). There was some puzzling over the drumming after it was over, with people split on its worth.

Then Middian came up (this is the original one from Oregon, I should note — more details here), who I know I’ve heard before, and who clearly have some sort of straight up hardcore-and-hooks background that they play around with in all the rampaging, so it was a nice contrast. Still, I have to say one thing — and this is just always going to be a case with any scene most of the time, I figure — the fact that Middian looked like Indian had gone offstage and shaved off their beards and removed their glasses and otherwise hadn’t changed at all was kinda funny. Even the drummer looked like the same guy (actually…was it? that would be extremely efficient touring if so).

Still, one stereotype overturned — my sis figured it would be mostly guys at the show, but modern metal is nothing if not more inclusive than you expect. So the fact that everyone seemed to be wearing a black hoodie is one thing but I’d place the gender balance at 75/25. Let there be rawk.

A good short evening out, been too long since I’d been to a show. A pity to miss Asunder but we were all getting tired, and I’m off home here in a couple of hours anyway, so talk to you all when I’m back in OC…

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