Another quick Freaky Trigger recommendation for now

Namely Kat Stevens’ very enjoyable “Us Against The World: My Journey Into Mum-Pop,” which while UK-centric at points (not a bad thing at all, but some of the reference points may be unfamiliar as a result) is a solid take on an aspect of pop and consumption thereof that I’ve idly considered a bit over the years. Kat brings things into both sharper focus and on a more anecdotal level, referring to her own mum’s taste over the years, and the whole thing’s a treat. To quote a key part:

‘Mum-pop’ itself has connotations of unchallenging music with smooth, melodic vocals. There’s no need to impress your toddler with how cool your music taste is, so anything goes as long as it’s music that won’t offend or irritate (and that you can sing along to in the car). It’s good for dancing to at weddings but not too exhausting or repetitive. The songs are about love and loss, but not about sex or anger. This is music you’d let your kids listen to. One of the recently be-sprogged FT regulars confirmed this when I asked her opinion. “You want to protect them from bad influences! No child of mine is growing up listening to emo!”

Hey, I was raised on Sesame Street records and the like. For which I am always grateful.


As written by my sis in SF sidewalk cement

Now she’s immortalized myself, her boyfriend and friend Remy. FOREVER. Maybe.