Way too tired to think of an April Fool’s

And even if I did it would be somewhat overwrought. So a quick vote for my favorite one of the day — Depeche Mode’s:

When the band were recording their “Black Celebration” album, the boys took a break, and recorded a full album of “oldies”. Named “Toast Hawaii” (after Fletch’s favorite food item at the recording studio cafeteria, and later used as the name of Fletch’s record label), the album has not been heard outside of the “inner circle” of Depeche Mode’s friends since the 1986 recording…until now.

All copies of the album were thought lost, until Mr Gore found a cassette copy of “Toast Hawaii” in a box of old cassettes. After extensive remastering, the project is ready to be released.

Following recent web releases by bands such as Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, the “Toast Hawaii” album will be a web release. Starting April 8th, fans will be able to purchase multiple formats of the album:

$10: The full album in your preferred digital format (AAC, MP3, FLAC, WAV)
$20: The full album in digital format, along with a copy of the album on compact disc, autographed by Fletch.
$40: The full album in digital format, along with a copy of the album on compact disc, not autographed by Fletch.

I freely admit it didn’t hit me this was a joke until that final part.

Otherwise it’s another busy slog of reviews and other work for me tonight, and will be tomorrow as well. Patience, faithful readers — and I know you’re out there! — and I’ll be posting more soon. But academic quarters take out their own time, as does all the writing work I do. Hope everything’s well — and if all goes as planned, I’ll have a long overdue garden update tomorrow…


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