‘This is Nowhere’ is now ‘The Quietus’

A few weeks back I mentioned the initial launch of a new UK-based site edited by John Doran that I’ve been asked to contribute to; its first incarnation was an informal but nicely designed blog version, This is Nowhere.

However, as of today, its full new version is now up and running — The Quietus. Its ethos as I described in my first post remains unchanged, but it’s now a full-on publication proper!

More thoughts on it later this week — I’ll be sending in my own first pitches soon, though I’ll have to take care of a slew of other business first! Early Aprils are just busy by default.


2 Responses to “‘This is Nowhere’ is now ‘The Quietus’”

  1. david schwarm Says:

    >its full new version is now up and running
    And they start with a review of the new REM “return to form.” Really, the last time I saw Michael Stipe was at the UCI bookstore pimping books for his new age guru. I pray that your first article is on why REM never mattered. Thanks, David S

  2. david schwarm Says:

    Ned, and now this:
    And still are: see the completely rubbish Oasis, who fooled almost everyone. One shudders to think that if a Gallagher had died a few years ago, Oasis would be fallaciously credited with talent.

    thanks, David S

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