Some quick EMP Pop Conference comments in general

This is going to be quick and scattershot:

  • Another great year so far! Seen my share of good, great and fair presentations, and as always missed out on ones I wanted to see and others that it sounds like it would have been great to see. C’est la vie, etc.
  • Also wonderful to catch up with so many new folks again and to make the acquaintance of a lot of others. I get the feeling that the fanbase (for lack of a better term) for the conference remains strong.
  • Discovering that the peculiarities of the venue when it comes to computer/cell connections are due to Frank Gehry’s design of the place doesn’t surprise me at all, in retrospect. But I am glad that the Notes feature on the iPhone worked like a charm.
  • As ever a good part of the whole experience was the socializing elsewhere and in between things; for me last night was a dinner with a slew of attendees not far away at 10 Mercer followed by drinks at the Green Room near the Showbox. Tonight other things are already planned and they’ll happen as they do!
  • Good God I need more sleep. But I suspect a lot of folks feel the exact same way.

Saturday panels and presentation notes will run later tonight; I suspect it will be *way* later tonight. But I’ll get them out there!


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