Okay, the first of two EMP 2008 Pop Conference wrap-up posts

And this is the one where I pretty much say, please check out my summaries earlier, as I’ve gone through and done a variety of cleaning up and putting in a slew of links, including where possible links to the authors’ home pages and/or blogs. The links are for the most part to various home pages or resources of artists, writers and so forth referred to in the presentations, as well as YouTube clips where relevant.

If any of the presenters notice a grievous error in the notes, ie you said one thing but my notes make it seem completely opposite, please let me know; any improved or more appropriate links always welcome too. Those four main entries again:

Anyway, hope this becomes a handy if very limited resource for anyone wanting to review the content of the conference as I encountered it; as I said some time ago, one can only see about a quarter of the conference at best since you can’t be in four places at the same time, and while you can make the argument for skipping around to catch five minutes of each presenter, I freely admit I couldn’t imagine it! Many different presentations have been cited as standouts by others, with a slew of comments about Charles Aaron’s piece on Labi Siffre emerging over the last couple of days, but having regrets about what you missed is as much a part of the experience as what you caught.

Actual final thoughts later today.


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