How not to win friends and influence people, Illinois college/political division

With thanks to Nari for the tip. So in brief:

Let’s say you’re this guy. No need to mention names here, that’s taken care of elsewhere. Let’s say that very early this morning, righteously aggrieved by something or another, you decide that what you’d really like to do is express yourself in courteous and thoughtful language this way:

Men are better than women look at the comparison in IQ men are scientifically proven to have a higher IQ by roughly 5 points, or 5% you cannot dispute science sorry and if you want a much better website than your shitty one you might want to go to [redacted]. I think you would gain a lot more knowledge from that website and you might learn about the truth that way you would not be so stupid and ignorant you stupid cunts.

Now I should first note that the Mother’s Day cards sent by this putative you must be curiously worded. But set that aside.

Having finished, you decide to send this mail to the object of your disaffection, which happens to be a well-known feminist discussion site. It is received, read and noticed. And then posted. With this observation:

Apparently that extra five percent doesn’t help prevent run-on sentences. You would also think that those extra brain power percentage points would stop a dude from sending harassing emails from his school email address. Because then we wouldn’t know that our charming admirer is the public relations officer (yes, public relations) of…

Well, let me not spoil the surprise — the link is there to read, and should be read.

So if you were this guy, what would your reactions be at this point? Would you:

  • crap your pants?
  • blame it on the booze?
  • post an insincere-sounding apology?
  • get booted from your public relations role?

Quite honestly I wouldn’t know about the first option. But the others came true. Make sure you read the comment section in full. It’s all still unfolding, and it’s quite instructive.


3 Responses to “How not to win friends and influence people, Illinois college/political division”

  1. nariposa Says:

    I just finished blogging that by attacking this feminist site like this, he simultaneously provides the justification for it to exist! LOL @ unintentional irony.

  2. Eve Says:

    Loves me some Feministing. And as Jessica so elegantly put it, “I think I’ll stick with my stupid cunt lady brain, thanks very much.”. Haha. Silly boys.

  3. Ned Raggett Says:

    Are you implying we boys are foolish creatures…oh wait we are.

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