In the OC Weekly — my review of Singer’s “Unhistories”

Written some weeks back, the ending is now less than timely but no worries. This was a very difficult review for me to write — to the band’s credit, I couldn’t quite get an exact handle on the album after a first listen or even a second. A lot of releases are very easily summed up, so it was nice to listen to something that required a bit of thought, and even now I’m not fully satisfied with the review. Still, it’s there, and the music is worth it. Quoting a bit:

The seven songs on Unhistories sound constantly caught between poles, which is no bad thing. Saying something is a challenging listen is so much press release spinach for the most part—usually it just means something whose mastering level is too loud for the listener. But Singer’s work lives up to that level of hyperbole, largely by sounding like a series of collages that are not actually stitched together, but that interweave.

Enjoy, as ever!


One Response to “In the OC Weekly — my review of Singer’s “Unhistories””

  1. Reviewgeddon Says:

    I think that Unhistories isn’t their best album. But I liked it.

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