The wit and wisdom of Tony Zirkle, GOP Congressional candidate

Sometimes you don’t so much need to shoot a fish into a barrel, because the barrel is already full of fish. Thus the mind of Tony Zirkle, I suspect.

Ethan P. first called my attention to this character via an ILX thread linking to this story, which is full of its own brand of folly.

But now the stakes are higher — and really, just ask yourself, what’s more entertaining here — the headline:

GOP candidate defends speech at Nazi gathering

Or the subheadline:

The point of his talk was to target pornography sales, Zirkle says.

Either way, the best bit might be the ending:

Zirkle worried that his message will be misunderstood and people will attack him. The point he was making, he said, is that pornography is evil and is undermining society in many ways, from health care to social relations to family life.

To punctuate his message, he shredded an original copy Monday of Penthouse magazine from September 1969.

And to think he could have made serious money on eBay instead.

Anyway, if you look over his biographical puffery, you’ll find that despite (or hopefully despite — I’d hate to think it was ‘because of’) his crankery, he’s done plenty of official legal work over the years. Charming to think about. But somehow what sticks in my craw is the fact that he went to the Naval Academy for a couple of years — since my dad’s a grad (class of ’62), the fact that this doof was there for a bit really annoys me.

I note it he wrapped it up at Annapolis because of an “Honorable Med. Discharge, 1990” — I’m guessing water on the brain.


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