Some more quick scattershot shots

This has been the week already for quick summations. Some larger posts are in the offing, though — I’ve had to concentrate on a variety of writing deadlines that seem to have all collided at once, so I’m trying to avoid tying myself down to the computer completely here. As before, though, a couple of links and quick thoughts:

  • I admire the existence of The Daily Show but don’t rely on it; that said I’m happy to read this story about Adam Chodikoff, the researcher who has been with the show since its start who is the kind of newshound I admire — the one with the energy and memory to pull together clips, statements and more that basically show politicians and talking heads alternately contradicting or repeating themselves or worse. Behind the scenes folks who do the heavy lifting to make things work smoothly all around are my real heroes as such so it’s nice to see him get the credit he does.
  • I’m giving the second listen to Matthew DeGennaro‘s A Guide for the Perplexed in as many days; while he first came to my notice for his collaborations he’s also often recorded solo and this album, released I believe last year, is a solo project and predominantly acoustic, a nice contrast to his drones and similar work elsewhere. It’s the kind of sweetly entrancing album that readily catches my ear on the solo guitar front, and rewards attention. (Less immediately unique but just as wonderful is Alexander Tucker‘s Portal, so keep an eye out for that one, due any day now.)
  • Meanwhile, this story on LA hot dogs reminds me I need to check some of these spots out. Even if I am a Pink’s partisan and the author is not.

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