Sometimes you get reminders of why the past worked

This is one of them, courtesy of a link from Stormy Davis on ILM — it’s a 1968 performance of the Small Faces on a British TV show, Colour Me Pop, of “Song of a Baker”:

Too good not to share, for sure — it’s a classic live mime of a performance, as the fade out and the wonderfully awkward transition from band back to presenter makes clear, but no matter, it’s all worth it to see Steve Marriott go nuts in particular. As a classic example of a transitional period in loud as hell pop music — call it the gap between Jimi Hendrix’s first splash and the rise of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath — it can’t be beat, precisely because a lot of rules and expectations were totally up in the air and not yet codified by expectation and the dull routine of history. The best art reminds you of that.

All that and a great end bit from Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake narrator Stanley Unwin as well. Can’t go wrong there.


2 Responses to “Sometimes you get reminders of why the past worked”

  1. Eve McGivern Says:

    It’s interesting that you bring up the Small Faces at this time, since I just yesterday purchased the first Nazz disc on CD, after owning it on vinyl for many years. SF gets name-dropped in the liner notes (as well as the Kinks, whose Village Green… I just picked on CD the same day, but I digress), both as inspiration for the band at the time, as well as borrowing their lyrical phrasing.

    So at any rate, I’ve been ‘feelin’ sixties’ of late.

    With that, I’ll just add Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake still remains tops on my britrock list of all time…really, tops for most any list; and I can thank my late father for turning me on to it.

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    What’s interesting about that album is that is captures what I guess can be called ‘tough whimsy’ — from Unwin in part, of course, but the point is that they find an interest balance between two sides just by going ahead and doing it. Star-crossed band in general, in any event, but they did more than most ever could.

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