Random thoughts? Why sure!

[EDIT — well I didn’t expect to be linked to CNN this morning about the SDSU case, that’s for sure. Greetings all! Just a heads-up that there’s really nothing much in my entry here about it, it’s mostly links and quotes from other stories, but if you’d like to take the time to explore the site in general you’d be very welcome.]

A strangely full day and I’ve got a lot of writing ahead of me tonight. So in brief:

  • Oh hey there were some more primaries today who knew! Not me! There hasn’t been any coverage about that at all! Obama takes North Carolina in a walk and it’s more down to the wire in Indiana. Etc. etc. Meanwhile McCain tries to make the hard-right judicial wonks happy, which won’t please anyone else besides them. In sum…talk to everyone after West Virginia next week.
  • The existence of the continuing race however has led to the best photo I’ve seen in a long time from it:

    Bartles and Jaymes and Obama.  Well not really.

    Friend Tombot captioned this as “THE MANY KINDS OF HUMAN TEETH” and it seems hard to disagree.

  • Meanwhile, down south from here, it is proven that at San Diego State University frat guys can be, shall we say, creative when it comes to extracurricular activities:

    A year-long investigation at San Diego State University has resulted in 96 people being arrested on drug- related charges, including 75 students, officials said Tuesday.

    Officers infiltrated seven campus fraternities. In some fraternities, most of the members were aware of organized drug dealing occurring from the houses by other members, officials said.

    Narcotics authorities said the sales were predominantly arranged by text messages.

    The drug dealers “weren’t picky about who they sold to,” Mosler said.

    Weber said the fraternities involved, Theta Chi and Phi Kappa Psi, could face sanctions such as expulsion from the campus.

    There’s plenty to be cynical about in this whole affair, frankly — without trying to make light of a tragic situation, I note that this particular investigation was started due to a fatal overdose by an attractive young white female student, whereas I have to idly wonder what overdoses off-campus by people not fitting that description might have occurred, say. The whole question of drug laws and their enforcement is its own questionmark as well.

    Regardless, the one thing that comes to mind in reading up on all this is how much goofiness there is in all this. For instance, there’s this:

    Kenneth Ciaccio, 19, a member of the Theta Chi fraternity, allegedly sent out a mass text-message to “faithful customers,” saying that he was traveling to Las Vegas and would not be able to make his normal cocaine sales, the DEA said.

    Odd enough, but further comedy ensued when SDSU tried to expunge a puff-piece he appeared in last year on their website — more details here. (The piece itself is still cached over here, at least for now.)

    Then there’s this great bit:

    Officials said among those arrested is Michael Montoya, a member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, who was one month away from obtaining his master’s degree in Homeland Security. Montoya also worked as a community service officer on campus and reported to campus police.

    Another student majoring in criminal justice was arrested for possession of 500 grams of cocaine and two guns, officials said.

    “A sad commentary is that when one of these individuals was arrested, he inquired as to whether or not his arrest and incarceration would have an effect on his becoming a federal law enforcement officer,” said Ralph Partridge, special agent-in-charge for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

    If he delivered that line with a straight face, I salute him.


2 Responses to “Random thoughts? Why sure!”

  1. Roy Eliasson Says:

    Roy Eliasson can’t believe that the fraternity’s would do that. Roy Eliasson thinks it is so disrespectful to the organizations that allowed them to wear their letters. Roy Eliasson thinks it is a disgrace to the entire greek community. Roy Eliasson

  2. kilo Says:

    SDSU has to be the number party school now!

    I wonder how the parties are going to be this weekend!


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