So hey did you hear there was a My Bloody Valentine tour and all

I suppose I can’t not post about this — first, tour dates are confirmed:

06-20 London, England – The Roundhouse
06-21 London, England – The Roundhouse
06-22 London, England – The Roundhouse
06-23 London, England – The Roundhouse
06-24 London, England – The Roundhouse
06-28 Manchester, England – Apollo
06-29 Manchester, England – Apollo
07-02 Glasgow, Scotland – Barrowland
07-03 Glasgow, Scotland – Barrowland
07-03-06 Roskilde, Denmark – Roskilde Festival
07-09 Paris, France – Zenith
07-17-20 Benicàssim, Spain – Festival Internacional de Benicàssim
07-25 Naeba, Japan – Fuji Rock Festival
08-08 Oslo, Norway – Øya Festival
09-05 Isle of Wight, England – Bestival
09-19-21 Monticello, NY – Kutshers Country Club (ATP New York)
09-22 New York, NY – Roseland
09-23 New York, NY – Roseland
09-25 Toronto, Ontario – Ricoh
09-27 Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
09-30 San Francisco, CA – The Concourse
10-01 Los Angeles, CA – Santa Monica Civic
10-02 Los Angeles, CA – Santa Monica Civic

And furthermore there’s finally some sort of rerelease plan in the works:

As initially reported on Wired’s Blog Network and now confirmed by a Sony BMG UK rep, the only two MBV albums that matter (This Is Your Bloody Valentine was practically an EP anyway) will hit UK shops June 16 in newly remastered formats. While the Isn’t Anything remaster spans only one disc, the Loveless one comes as a double-disc: the first disc remastered from both DAT (digital audio tape) and analogue tape, and the second remastered from just analogue tape.

My feelings on all this are a bit muddled still — these two posts on ILM from Elvis Telecom and NoTimeBeforeTime sum up my conflicting views:

What’s nagging me though, especially after the ATP announcement (fuck, why don’t they go ahead and just put Butthole Surfers and Pavement on the bill) is the predictability of it all. In other words:

“You Made Me Realize” crowd reaction 2008: “Dude it’s the part where it gets loud and crazy! I’m going to blog about all this via my iPhone. OK, I’m going to go get a beer”

If I want to hear “Loveless,” I can pull out the album anytime. What I really want to see live is the crazy intensity that made their shows so infamous back in the day. I’d be much more excited about things if they loaded up on military-grade infrasonics and began the set by announcing “This is a song we stopped working on in 1994” and broke into a half-hour of demolition jungle.

I don’t want museum exhibits!


I understand the skepticism, but the new Portishead album has completely renewed my faith in formerly great bands that vanish for a decade and return better than ever.

Live for the best, expect the worst, or maybe the reverse.


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