Thursdays shouldn’t be so tired-feeling but…

…that’s about me right now! Mental break to catch up on a few things, more tonight hopefully. In the meantime, though, from last night, a photo of a duck:

Ducks, ducks, quack quack, quack quack

Not sinister, not smoking cigars.

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A coda to a failed record company

In this post a while back I talked about TVT Records — and most everything I had to say was said then. But there’s been an amusing followup, via Idolator:

For those of you who are pretty sure that you don’t need cash from TeeVeeToons, Inc., there’s still good reading to be had: The label owes $26,883.50 to SoundScan, and $1,300 to the now-defunct Harp, Also, their accounts payable department has apparently neglected to send a $945.46 check to Chad Kroeger for some time, and I for one would love to know why.

So would I, actually. The actual list is here. Anton Newcombe’s not on it. Typical.


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