Lassitude, recuperation and scattered Sunday thoughts

Argle bargle. Yesterday’s parties and generally gadding about LA were great but so far today has been little but zoning, sleeping and a bit of eating. A necessary balance. Therefore, in lieu of greater detail:

  • Robert Forster‘s The Evangelist is unsurprisingly a lovely album, emotional and moving almost by default but in a way that suits both his style and honors the memory of his Go-Betweens partner Grant McLennan. An album that shouldn’t’ve existed in a better world, but which in this imperfect one is a welcome addition.
  • I will be quite glad to not hear about a certain president’s daughter’s intimate wedding again. In fact I’ll be quite glad to not hear about any of that family again, really.
  • Couple of updates on blog links — my friend Andrea Reyna‘s got her blog up as she’s posting from Serbia, and doubtless will have things to say about today’s election, while a question from a friend prompted me to think of Laina Dawes’s great blog, Writing is Fighting.
  • And for Mother’s Day mom got Dorothy Dunnett‘s exquisite The Game of Kings, which I recommend to anyone who loves historical novels, mysteries and entertaining novels in general. In these days of extremely elaborate TV series as extended movies in miniature I see no reason why Dunnett’s works in general couldn’t result in something spectacular.

All for now. More sleep and listening and zoning calls.


One Response to “Lassitude, recuperation and scattered Sunday thoughts”

  1. Angel Bankhaus Says:

    Nice site for all. Thank you for taking the time to gift wrap it and share it with all of us!

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