Okay, I give up, it’s just a day for very weird stories

I mean, choose between these two:

First, there’s the unveiling of a statue of Margaret Thatcher over in Michigan:

Dr. Larry P. Arnn, the president of Hillsdale College, said in his remarks: “Lady Thatcher’s courage was mated with prudence, a moral and intellectual virtue together, the combination making a character fit to govern itself and other free beings. She is here to remind us that we must go about our examination of the most elevated things in an urgent spirit.”

Mrs. Thatcher lent her support to the statue project from the beginning, but upon the recommendation of her doctors she cancelled her plans to attend the dedication. In a letter to be read at the ceremony, she described the statue as “magnificent” and added: “Hillsdale College symbolizes everything that is good and true in America. You uphold the principles and cherish the values which have made your country a beacon of hope. In doing so, you extend to each new generation a commitment to those beliefs which the Founding Fathers enshrined at the very heart of your nation’s life.”

Etc. etc. etc. And what does the statue look like?

Hello, sailor

To quote a post on ILE, “Basic Instinct starring Margaret Thatcher.”

That said, even that might not be as WTF as this story:

Mom appalled at racy books in store for teens at Alderwood mall

All I ask is that you click the link and read the name of the mom in question. I would recommend not having something to eat or drink at the time while doing so.


One Response to “Okay, I give up, it’s just a day for very weird stories”

  1. Eve Says:

    Hahahaha…. My 6 year-old sense of humor loved that.

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