My latest OC Weekly review — that there No Age band you’ve heard about so much lately

If you’re into that sort of thing. Anyway, friends Mackro and Jess have recently suggested that they’re riding a serious Lync jones, which since I don’t really know that band’s work all that well may render my review a bit off. Judge as you like! A bit of it:

Some bands just get lucky. LA duo No Age (Dean Spunt and Randy Roberts) have hit a perfect zeitgeist moment: They look back at an era of noise-pop experimentation—touching on everything from Sonic Youth to the Jesus and Mary Chain’s perversely simple Spector-via-feedback approach to myriad lo-fi-loving characters worldwide—right when bands from the Magnetic Fields to Times New Viking are treading similar paths. If they hadn’t already been around for a bit, forming out of the wreckage of the band Wives and having already released a slew of singles, No Age’s story would almost be too perfect.

Etc. etc. Long-running thread on ILM about this album might be of further interest.


Not a Sparks show date, as you might have guessed

Next one is tomorrow, so more from me specifically then — however, you all might enjoy something linked over from the Not Lame label’s blog — it’s the work of Mike Bennett, who has been posting detailed reviews of each of the shows on his own blog, Hablo Ennui. Well worth the read through if you’ve not been able to catch the broadcasts, and his on-site takes provide more of the character of the show than my own quick summaries of the Webcasts ever would!

A nice bit of news from the Belgravia Dispatch

Folks who have visited my blog over the moons and clicked on the political site links might well have wondered why I’d been linking to a blog which hadn’t been updated since January 2008. As I mention in this old post of mine, the blog which Greg Djerejian runs, the Belgravia Dispatch, had long been a favorite of mine for these reasons:

…having begun with fierce arguments in favor of the need for the Iraq invasion, he found himself increasingly disgusted with the results and has for some years now delved into some often incredibly detailed (and very interesting for that reason) analyses of the stances of the main actors and rhetoricians involved, as well as the reports in general from the field. It is foreign policy-heavy but not solely, and the length of some of his posts makes this one I’m writing seem short, but that is precisely why I like it.

He also got the incredibly obnoxious Mark Levin riled up enough once to get him to post a ranting comment on the blog, which to my mind is a sign of success in general.

Anyway, tipped off by John at Balloon Juice, I’ve learned Greg’s posted a new update explaining his silence (keep in mind he and his wife had a baby last year!), as well as pointing to some ideas for the future:

In coming weeks/months I promise to better explain what I can honestly represent might be in store here at B.D., but I’m afraid professional and family commitments look set only to become more intense, not less, which doesn’t necessarily bode well for this space. Still, don’t count me out just yet, since the inception of this blog back in Belgravia in early 03 I’ve enjoyed the freedom to post on matters foreign policy, and being able to wade into policy debates on occasion remains important to me. But to blog with the requisite frequency and depth takes tremendous energy, and I’m afraid even super-human efforts would have me coming up short hours-wise. So, a different way forward will need to be determined, and I’ll be thinking through the ‘hows’ better once I come up for air.

He concludes with a link to a blog I’ve heard recommendations about from elsewhere, the Big Picture, so I’ll similarly pass that on without further comment. Anyway, good to hear back from him.