My latest OC Weekly review — that there No Age band you’ve heard about so much lately

If you’re into that sort of thing. Anyway, friends Mackro and Jess have recently suggested that they’re riding a serious Lync jones, which since I don’t really know that band’s work all that well may render my review a bit off. Judge as you like! A bit of it:

Some bands just get lucky. LA duo No Age (Dean Spunt and Randy Roberts) have hit a perfect zeitgeist moment: They look back at an era of noise-pop experimentation—touching on everything from Sonic Youth to the Jesus and Mary Chain’s perversely simple Spector-via-feedback approach to myriad lo-fi-loving characters worldwide—right when bands from the Magnetic Fields to Times New Viking are treading similar paths. If they hadn’t already been around for a bit, forming out of the wreckage of the band Wives and having already released a slew of singles, No Age’s story would almost be too perfect.

Etc. etc. Long-running thread on ILM about this album might be of further interest.


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