In celebration of the humble beetle

I bring this up because for the past few weeks around here I’ve noticed something:

“Oh wait, there’s another black beetle…man, how many of them ARE there?”

My Flickr stream has a couple of photos of the ducks that are always around in spring, but seeing all these beetles was a bit more surprising, if only because I’d rarely seen so many of these kinds of beetles around in droves. I kept idly wondering about it but it wasn’t like they were invading my apartment or the like so I wasn’t too bothered.

Happily, there is an answer to it all:

The Calosoma beetles, which experts identify as predacious ground beetles, are not dangerous to humans and pose no threat to vegetation; their large bodies and threatening mandibles, however, have some residents frightened.

This summer’s influx is caused by a combination of rainfall and warm temperatures, which increases the number of worms that the beetles eat, he said.

“Most people consider them beneficial because they’re eating insects that are considered pests, but some people don’t like them because they’re ugly,” Nisson said.

The last point has some validity, though I wouldn’t call them ugly, just, well, beetley:

Behold a beetle

If you can stand it, there’s pictures of this species plus others via this page, while my new favorite page discovered on the net is What’s That Bug. Hurrah for insects! But admittedly, hurrah for screen doors and windows too.


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