Some more Monday murmurings…

I realize I’ve slowed a little bit on wholly original content on the blog as of late that isn’t music-related, but it’s not for lack of interesting things out there, trust me! But right now things are heading towards the end of another academic year here at work, and I’m currently balancing a slew of things all at once — wrapping up the spring quarter reserves, planning for summer, etc. — as well as looking ahead to my upcoming vacation out east, more about which at a later time. (Various get-togethers are already on the boil — here’s one of the two New York ones for reference!) For this reason I’m giving myself a little thinking break for here, as I’m wanting to concentrate on some of my paid writing work for this week among other things.

That’s not to say I won’t be chiming in with more today and tonight (more likely tonight) but for now I’ll just say a few things:

  • These two LA Times stories that are starting off a small series on transit issues — from yesterday, profiling some ‘regular folks’ caught in the 110 crunch on one particular day, and from today, regarding larger transit issues and times in general — are in one sense about what’s to be expected: “Gee, traffic sucks.” Flippancy aside, they underscore the nature of the choices made by people who live where they do and what they get — or put up with — in exchange for those choices. In that regard I’m no different but I am glad to have minimized my commuting times, strictly relying on mass transit, while maximizing a necessary relaxation. But, as the story further underscores, I have certain factors to hand — I’m not tied down to owning a particular property where it’s affordable, I have no outside considerations on a family front, my job setup is nearby in the first place — that not everyone has or, necessarily, wants to have.
  • A couple of things I’ve listened to recently and enjoyed very much, but won’t be reviewing (at least for now) are the Low Motion Disco album on Eskimo and Marina’s latest compilation of wonderfully crazed soul/funk/psych late sixties/early seventies numbers…from Germany…called The In-Kraut Vol. 3. There’s a version of “Whole Lotta Love” on here I can’t even properly describe.
  • To say that the current president has had his eye on history the whole time understates. To say that this is looking really ridiculous these days, even more so. This Washington Post story doesn’t provide much in the way of surprise but plenty in the way of seeing how he is left to see himself. Going to be one delusional lecture-tour circuit he’s going to be stuck on for the rest of his days, for sure.
  • And a quick Phoenix Lander update — shake, rattle and roll. Hopefully.
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