Thursday things

Because it’s Thursday and things are busy. So:

  • Yesterday I spoke a bit about transit and all that, and me not having a car. I think I’ve found the anti-me: ladies and gentlemen, Terence Jeffrey:

    Recent evidence that automobile use is declining in America and that some Americans are making significant — and in some cases not readily reversible — changes in their lives because of escalating gas prices should be worrisome signs for those who love liberty.

    No device is more in keeping with the American spirit than the automobile. Privately owned cars and trucks allow us to go where we want, when want. They are freedom machines.

    Well I can see how that…huh?

  • Mark Bittman, dietary hero, offers up more thoughts about meat reduction in one’s meals. Bookmark and review. One section:

    Forget the protein thing. Roughly simultaneously with your declaration that you’re cutting back on meat, someone will ask “How are you going to get enough protein?” The answer is “by being omnivorous.” Plants have protein, too; in fact, per calorie, many plants have more protein than meat. (For example, a cheeseburger contains 14.57 grams of protein in 286 calories, or about .05 grams of protein per calorie; a serving of spinach has 2.97 grams of protein in 23 calories, or .12 grams of protein per calorie; lentils have .07 grams per calorie.) By eating a variety, you can get all essential amino acids.

    You also don’t have to eat the national average of a half-pound of meat a day to get enough protein. On average, Americans eat about twice as much as the 56 grams of daily protein recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture (a guideline that some nutritionists think is too high). For anyone eating a well-balanced diet, protein is probably not an issue.

  • Phoenix is rocking it on Mars:

    Last week, the lander’s robotic arm dumped a pile of dirt on top of one of its eight tiny ovens. But the soil proved to be so clumpy that it failed to slide down a chute into the oven. The team of scientists repeatedly tried breaking up the clods by shaking the instrument, called the Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer.

    After six failures, the team at the University of Arizona and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge made one last effort, Boynton said. When the shaking halted abruptly, the team thought the machine had failed. Then they discovered it had stopped because the oven was full.

    As the scientists in Tucson cheered the result, Boynton put on the old disco tune “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty” and started swaying to the music.

  • Finally, and sadly, it would be remiss of me not to point out the tragedy in Iowa where four Boy Scouts died. As an Eagle Scout whose Scouting days were very grand ones, I never thought during that time that I would ever actually face a life or death situation, despite what first aid training we received and all that. You’re young, you don’t think these things will happen — but they can, and did. There will be questions raised regarding if anything more could have been done regarding safety and training, and they should rightfully be raised — but from the sound of it, everyone pitched in as soon as they could following this disaster to help to the best of their ability until emergency assistance arrived. That is the meaning of the Scouting motto — ‘be prepared’ — and I need say no more.

3 Responses to “Thursday things”

  1. fattease Says:

    sometimes riding in the bus is fun anyway

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    Hey, I’m not disagreeing! More time to read!

  3. Eve Says:

    Goddamn I miss my freedom machine. *sigh*

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