Terrastock Thursday — live reports!

Okay! Mini-reviews posted after each set, photos will appear as they do in the Flickr stream. [EDIT: and now that all the photos are up and tagged and all, I’ll add some plus direct links back to appropriate band websites; however, my initial impressions will stand as they are.]


The Photographic -- or at least their drumset

The Photographic — a local trio, guitar/bass/keyboards, who are still funding their own sound but are off to a great start. Very much a shoegaze instrumental act but with a strong rolling drum sound which adds heft to the performance. Think the clean triumphalism of Sianspheric in part. Good way to begin!

Parlour ponder

Parlour — another Louisville instrumental band — who would figure! Eight person lineup, from guitars to horns. It’s enjoyable but I admit to being more impressed by them rather than fully getting into it. They have many elements down to a T, the steady building crunches, the structured jams, but nothing is on fire for me. No complaints, at least.

Elephant Micah in the shadows

Elephant Micah — lovely, full stop. A last minute sub for Marissa Nadler and to my mind, a more than worthy one. Really enjoyed many of his releases over the moons and hearing him perform these short, delicate songs this way is surprisingly effective, and affecting. A fine counterpoint to the previous two sets. Nick Drake comparisons audible but warranted, but he has his own vocal style and way around melody.

Dead Maids make a noise

Dead Maids — MUCH more like it in comparison to Parlour. Instrumental epic drone psych and all, but with frills, filigrees and frayed edges. The guitar work in particular is lush in ways suggestive the Cocteaus and early Verve, or even And Also the Trees, but just as apt to find and focus on a core hook. They work within an established form but find ways to reinvent. Another great intoduction!

Hush Arbors — sorry, didn’t see this set! Had to cut out, lack of sleep was kicking in…


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