My latest OC Weekly piece — a review of the Lines

Great group and good little collection. Full reissue of their albums due later in the year, I think. A sample from the review:

Memory Span compiles the various singles the group released during their lifetime into an attractive collection; it’s the kind of heartfelt effort in which the Acute label has specialized, rescuing lost music even in the era of the endless MP3 jukebox. Remastering and repackaging wouldn’t be anything if the music weren’t worth it, though, and what Memory Span shows best is that while the Lines aren’t by any means lost geniuses, they had the kind of easygoing spark that made them the equal to acts such as the Feelies and Orange Juice: skeletally nervous post-punk with a big percussion punch.


One Response to “My latest OC Weekly piece — a review of the Lines”

  1. captain groovy Says:

    i like the latter part of the album better when it gets dubbier & dancier.How i’d miss them in the 80’s? Glad to see you’re enjoying the non terrastock portion of your vacation.I’m jealous

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