Our nation’s capital and all that

Yep, it's that monument

I might have more to say about DC later in the day so watch for a vague kinda update, maybe. Thinking about going to the Corcoran to kill time before Pete S. gets off of work, which is nearby. [EDIT: as it was, I went to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and while I had much to think about during my visit, I don’t feel particularly eloquent on the matter. Very glad I went, however, looking at everything from standpoints ranging from analyzing how the building was constructed and laid out to create the impact it did to, simply, reflecting and at points choking up.]

Inside the Castle

Last time I was here was on the same trip the last time I was in South Carolina, back in 1983. I pretty much did all the major monuments at the time, I seem to remember — Washington Monument was closed for repairs, otherwise everything was open and I still have the photos around. The Vietnam memorial was newly opened and I remember being very impressed by it, and it remains moving in the memory still.

Tombot and 'Englande'

This time around I’m just taking it all pretty easy. Hanging with Tombot’s been great (that’s him there looking over “Englande”) and Dr. Ben, his wonderful cat, is a kick. Will be spending the afternoon on or around the Mall as semi-muttered, might put up a few photos, etc.

Dr. Ben

But having written so much on the political front in recent months, it’s a little amusing to finally be here and not conciously feel it as much — certain buildings aside, it’s a humid city on the East Coast with a lot of people in it. More than Charleston, less than NYC. Maybe I’m one to follow the population flow.

Heard of this place...

Anyway, whatever conniving, idiocy, goofs and disasters are being plotted, encouraged and abetted as I type, here’s to all the ones with some sort of ideals keeping the machine going. Cause you gotta have that, whatever else you think about the place.


[EDIT: And then there’s moments like Pete, myself and Brian getting photographed by Pete’s girlfriend at Off the Record. Because why not!]


One Response to “Our nation’s capital and all that”

  1. marcus Says:

    How long are you here for, Ned? Lots going on in DC music-wise this time of year– if you need any pointers that your friends can’t provide (which is doubtful), give a holler. To a complete stranger. Via email. Which makes it a little better, I suppose.

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