Okay, vacation/photo wrap-ups, part 1…

So I’ve spent a good chunk of yesterday and this morning redoing and reorganizing the photos — and retagging them in a lot of cases! — and everything’s a little more presentable now.

First off, went back through the Terrastock photos and my reviews and have created fancy-schmantz new versions of them where the reviews are unchanged — keep initial impressions as they are! — but there’s now photos and links to band sites, as well as links to a variety of things in general in the Louisville entry. (The Terrastock 7 site has a similar list of band links but the main page has been replaced to show some overall memories instead, and very flatteringly a slew of my blog entries are among them. Be sure to read both Charlie and Ramon from the Linus Pauling Quartet’s memories of the festival — great stuff!)

If you just want to jump directly to the photos, the two Flickr sets are here and here but I’d more recommend going to the overall Flickr pool for Terrastock 7 instead, where you’ll find almost everyone’s shots, in many cases of much better quality! Meantime, besides a number of videos in the Flickr pool, the YouTube group for Terrastock 7 will satisfy on the actual motion and sound front!

Anyway, that all said — the revised entries:


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