Good LORD I am tired

I really think this whole weekend has been one extended bout of needed restfulness, though not without some stepping out here and there. Still, today I’m kinda paying for it by not wanting to move much at all outside of getting some breakfast. And planned work today — both with some music writing and with some work on the blog — is just going to have to wait while I potter around here a bit. I may well be I’ve got some small bug on my travels that’s just running my system down a bit but hey, it happens — and better after the trip than before or during it!

Tomorrow I hope to ramp up back into things with some building movie, book and political thoughts plus some other work, so keep your eyes open — for now I’ll simply say that after a year of thinking that there wasn’t anything of interest to me in it that Wall-E was a near-perfect delight of a movie. More on Monday, but while I’ve never been a full-on Pixar cultist I will say that lately they have hit a huge stride.

But that will be for tomorrow — in the meantime, please enjoy a story about hedgehogs! As well as one on the recently restored early sixties LA film The Exiles.


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