As discovered and shared by Matt on ILE today:

As a sample, here’s the map covering “books borrowed from public libraries” — and frankly the puny size of the US there displeases me. Go Russia (as they are the world leaders).


3 Responses to “Worldmapper!”

  1. Eve McGivern Says:

    But consider that this doesn’t take into account readers who a. download books, b. buy them outright, or c. swap/borrow books from friends and neighbors. I think it makes sense that Russia would borrow far more books than Americans, considering that the price of a book is quite likely more expensive to own than here in the United States.

  2. Boo Says:

    For more mapping fun, may I recommend:

  3. Ned Raggett Says:

    Oh believe you me, StrangeMaps has been a top site for me for many a moon now…

    Good points all, Eve — nonetheless, that is all they have in terms of info!

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