An even simpler summer dinner

There’s a good rule of thumb — if you have a full lunch, aim for a lighter dinner. Thus this, where in the midst of laundry and other chores I didn’t want to spend a slew of time — chopped and steamed kale, tossed with a bit of sesame oil and a rosemary salt blend, plus some good cheddar toasted on the whole grain bread bought yesterday. Add a glass of cab sav and you’re good to go.


3 Responses to “An even simpler summer dinner”

  1. Eve McGivern Says:

    So what does kale really taste like? The only thing I’ve ever used it for is to dress up salad bars. Do you eat them raw, or cooked? When cooked, are they like greens?

  2. Eve McGivern Says:

    P.S. Clean your rice cooker. 😉

  3. Ned Raggett Says:

    Very much like greens in terms of how to cook them — steamed or maybe slightly sauteed is the way to go, either way avoiding turning them into mush — and their taste can be strong raw but lightly cooked as mentioned and then seasoned makes for a mellower blend. Mixes well with a variety of other things that way too.

    AS FOR MY RICE COOKER — it is merely well loved. 😀

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