Caption this photo

No fancy deep analysis this time — just this:

Over at the LA Times, this popped up as part of a story on today’s financial hoohah and the prospect of economic doom and death, featuring a certain Secretary of the Treasury and a certain US President:

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8 Responses to “Caption this photo”

  1. yesbuts Says:

    You blinked.
    No you blinked first.
    Yes you did.
    Never, never never.

  2. Alfie Says:

    “Did you just fart “? “Umm Yes Mr. President”

  3. Hans Says:

    “I have a rocking chair with your name on it next to mine at the Texas ranch. You won’t write a book will you?”

  4. Madam Miaow Says:

    “I thought you had the master plan.”

  5. Ned Raggett Says:

    I like where all these are going…

  6. abbeyroad69 Says:

    “$10 missing from petty cash? No Mr. President, I didn’t take it. Wasn’t me. Honest.”

  7. wickle Says:

    “Those are big words. Would you give the speech, please?”

  8. abbeyroad69 Says:

    “Not bad Paulson. Your ‘deer in the headlights’ look is almost perfect.”

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