Herbed beets with fennel

Yes, I’m on a food roll this week, but hey, why not?

So the story here in part is this — some months back I posted this beet risotto recipe I’d tried out and according to a friend that post is now somewhere in the top ten or twenty posts on risotto with beets or the like in Google. Won’t say no.

Thus inspired I figured why not give another beet recipe a try, since I had some in the basket. As I had a lot of fennel I wondered if there was a combination recipe out there and it turns out there are plenty, but this one took my fancy — this is the page it’s found on. The difference is that I did not have any vermouth, so I simply substituted water and the thing still tasted great.

Which it did — I was quite pleased and a little surprised at how rich but mellow the dish come out as. With the cooking toning down the fennel a bit while the beets’ natural flavoring and the mustard combined nicely, not to mention the chives, I was quite pleased with this one, and it’s been a week of good eats. Give it a whirl if you like! Follow the link provided for the recipe, and please note the comments and suggestions as well.


3 Responses to “Herbed beets with fennel”

  1. Eve McGivern Says:

    Have you ever had Harvard Beets?

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    Not to my knowledge. What’s the story?

  3. Eve McGivern Says:

    Just a very simple thing to do with beets; has a nice sweet and sour taste (mostly sweet), and make for a great sandwich. I’m sure you can think of lots of other stuff that could be done with them…perhaps diced up in a salad.


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