A sign of the iPhone crazy times

Nothing deep here, just that on the way back from seeing Hellboy II yesterday I swung by the Apple Store nearby just to check out some iPhone accessories. I didn’t pick up a 3G phone, having no overriding need for it — and hey, I only just got my own iPhone a couple of months back — but I was amazed at how there was STILL a line to get into the store a full day after the 3Gs had gone on sale. The store itself was packed.

A sloppy shot, I realize, but I actually like how the one guy in focus is the one actually turned mostly towards me. An interesting but unintentional effect.


2 Responses to “A sign of the iPhone crazy times”

  1. 37prime Says:

    This looks like South Coast Plaza Apple Store.

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    Yep, the very same. Quite obviously the line hadn’t continued throughout the night since the store is inside the mall, but even so.

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