On a completely different and happier note

Nothing much, really, just wanted to say that after what has been a really rough year for many people I know — and the post previous to this one underscores it in the worst way possible — just wanted to say that I’ve received some happy news from my friend Mackro. It’s private and not for me to pass on further. but is the type of thing that gives me an excuse to praise the guy (even via a pseudonym!).

Known him now for almost sixteen years, and his intelligence, humor, drive, good grace and general all around true dudeness has long been evident. I am still proud to call him one of my two greatest friends in the world, along with the equally wonderful Stripey. Some years back he made the decision to move from Orange County to Seattle and while I was truly sad to see him go, it was a case where he did the right thing for himself all around, and this decade has been his best yet on a professional and personal front on many levels.

Good friends like Mackro, they’re the ones you can call up and start conversations with the most random of jokes and they’ll be on your wavelength like that, that will be equally interested and involved in light and serious conversations on many topics, that seek to share what they know to those who are looking for something, have a crash space for you whenever you visit, and who can put up with the grouchiness and faults, unknowing or not, of close friends in their not-so-great moments. As I’m incredibly prone to cause.

Nothing more to say than that — but I’ve also been trying to tell many people lately about how much I appreciate their friendship, and this is part of that as well, but maybe on a more public scale! Cheers, sir — and may the future be ever brighter than it is already!

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