A little update on the Quietus

Been working on a variety of things that will be due for them — hopefully soon! — but in the meantime they’ve got a mash-up contest going while there’s a recent piece up from Chris Roberts about Heath Ledger’s Joker that’s worth a read, though I’d actually argue that there are few reactions I’ve seen or heard which have consciously viewed his work in The Dark Knight as a ‘coded suicide note,’ which makes this less of a cutting observation than planned. But more on that and other recent takes tomorrow, when I’ll have more to say about that film yet again — though this photo from the Quietus story is worth a showcase:

...and puppy dog tails, that's what Jokers are made of.

It may well be the most iconic image from the entire movie, in the end.


So there was a wedding yesterday…

And very good fun it all was! My photo set from the last couple of days can be found here but here are my two favorites:


Kristin and Chris

Yesterday was just crazily busy in general — all this, ending up at a mass dinner meetup between friends of the groom and then seeing The Dark Knight once again on top of it all. I feel pretty shattered today as a result but probably a post or two down the line here.